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Term of references

This report was requested by Mr. Mustapha Bin Abdul Hamid Senior English Lecture. On 22nd September 2011, and the requirement of ENG 600 Technical Writing subject. He wanted the students to prepare an analytical report. The title of the report must be chosen by the student itself. The students have to find the best topics to be the title of the report. The interesting topic will come out with the best presentation as well. The date submission of the report is on 1st December 2011. The purpose of the report actually wants the students to think any topics that can find a problem into that and in the same time they can find any solution from the problem occur. Then the students need to analyze the topic deeply and give the strong information that can help them a lot in doing this report. The students need to prepare about 20 questionnaires and give to the 20 respondents. From the answers, the students must compile all together and change to graph. Based on the graph, they need to give some comment and reason about the answers from the respondents. This report has a limitation which an observation and thoughts given are from the social problem among teenagers e no life. Secondary sources would also be used by using the internet, the National library and the daily papers.


First of foremost I would like to thank my lecture Mr. Mustapha Bin Abdul Hamid who helped, advised, assisted and guide me since I started this project. I was learned so many things from him. He also has inspired me greatly to work on this project and willingness to motivate me contributed tremendously to my project. He never says no to his students that need his help and advised. Next will be my friend that gave me a lot of motivation, accompany me when I doing a survey and do supported me to give more that I have. Its mean my effort in doing this project. We always sit down together and help each other to solved and discussed the problems occur. Then, I ‘am also wants to say thank you and appreciated to the 20 respondents who gave the full cooperation during answer the questionnaires. And lastly definitely to my family members that also gave me a lot favors in terms of money, moral supported and encouraged me to finish this project.

Table of content

No.| Content| Page|
01.| Term of references| 1|
02.| Acknowledgement | 2|
03.| Table of content| 3|
04.| List of illustrations| 4|
05.| Introduction :| 5|
| * Social Problems Affect Everyone | 11|
| | |
06.| Finding :| 16|
| i. In your opinion, what is the problem of the highest moral decadence among the youths?| 17| | ii. What is the most likely effect of degrading of moral value?| 18| | iii. From your point view, what are the causes of moral degeneration among youths?| 19| | iv. Are you aware of the issues?| 20|

| v. Which gender probably has a grater risk of getting involved in these cases?| 21| | vi. The factors that motivate adolescents involved in misconduct| 22| | vii. How to prevent / avoid self involved in the wrongdoing?| 23| | viii. Moral development begins with the implementation| 24| | ix. Do you agree if the implementation of the law of corporal?| 25| | x. Who should be entitled to impose penalties to offenders who committed offenses related social laws?| 26| 07.| Conclusion | 27|

| * Reasons that teenagers involved in social problem| 28| | * Social problem affect the society| 29|
| * Causes of Social Problems in Malaysia| 31|
08.| Recommendation| 33|
09.| Appendix | 37|
10.| References | 41|

List of illustration

Figure| Content| Page|
Figure 1| In your opinion, what is the problem of the highest moral decadence among the youths?| 17| Figure 2 | What is the most likely effect of degrading of moral value?| 18| Figure 3| From your point view, what are the causes of...
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