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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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1. Investigatory Project General Guidelines
2. Objectives To provide students with the opportunity to apply chemistry– related concepts. To develop an interest among students to engage in any scientific work as manifested in their active participation and involvement in the project. To provide students with educational opportunities and experiences through direct participation in scientific research To recognize the students efforts in completing the project by displaying their work •3. Format: Project Write - Up The project write – up must be typewritten or computerized, double spaced in short bond paper, TNR 12 and follows the following format: short folder. Title Page – should briefly and accurately describe the contents of the write – up. Abstract – should consist of short and concise description of the problem and its solutions. It includes: a. Purpose c. Results b. Procedure d. Conclusions •4. Format: Project Write - Up 3. Acknowledgment – contains the names of people and agencies that helped in the conduct of the work described. 4. Table of Contents – lists the different parts of the whole report with corresponding page number of each part 5. Introduction – informs the reader of the problem under study Background of the Study – states rationale of the study. Statement of the Problem / Objectives – states the nature and scope of the problem with clarity. Two kinds of objectives are given here: General Objective – this is related to the problem as given in the early part of the section. Specific Objective – this states the purpose of each experiment conducted . •5. Format: Project Write - Up c. Significance of the Study - the importance of the study is explained in this part, relevance to society d. Scope and Limitations – states the coverage and extent of the study; budget, time allotment e. Review of Related Literature – sufficient background information should be presented to the readers to understand and evaluate the...
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