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Leading & Collaborating in a Competitive World

Foundations of Management • Managing • The External Environment and Organizational Culture • Managerial Decision Making

Planning: Delivering Strategic Value • Planning and Strategic Management • Ethics and Corporate Responsibility • International Management • Entrepreneurship

Strategy Implementation

Organizing: Building a Dynamic Organization • Organization Structure • Organizational Agility • Human Resources Management • Managing the Diverse Workforce

Leading: Mobilizing People • • • • Leadership Motivating for Performance Teamwork Communicating

Controlling: Learning and Changing • Managerial Control • Managing Technology and Innovation • Creating and Managing Change


Foundations of Management
The three chapters in Part One describe the foundations of management. Chapter 1 discusses the imperatives of managing in today’s business landscape and introduces the key functions, skills, and competitive goals of effective managers. In other words, it discusses what you need to do and accomplish to become a high-performing manager. Chapter 2 describes the external environment in which managers and their organizations operate— the context that both constrains and provides opportunities for managers. It also discusses what can be described as the organization’s internal environment: its culture. Chapter 3 discusses the most fundamental managerial activity: decision making. Because managers make decisions constantly, sound decision-making skills are essential for good performance.


Management means, in the last analysis, the substitution of thought for brawn and muscle, of knowledge for folklore and tradition, and of cooperation for force. —Peter Drucker

After studying Chapter 1, you will be able to:

1 Summarize major challenges of managing in the new competitive landscape. p. 6 2 Describe the drivers of competitive advantage for a company. p. 11 3 Explain how the functions of management are evolving in today’s business environment. p. 19 4 Compare how the nature of management varies at different levels of an organization. p. 22 5 Define the skills you need to be an effective manager. p. 25 6 Discuss the principles that will help you manage your career. p. 26

Managing in the New Competitive Landscape Globalization Technological Change Knowledge Management Collaboration across “Boundaries” Managing for Competitive Advantage Innovation Quality Service Speed Cost Competitiveness Delivering All Five The Functions of Management Planning: Delivering Strategic Value Organizing: Building a Dynamic Organization Leading: Mobilizing People Controlling: Learning and Changing Performing All Four Management Functions Management Levels and Skills Top-Level Managers Middle-Level Managers Frontline Managers Working Leaders with Broad Responsibilities Management Skills You and Your Career Be Both a Specialist and a Generalist Be Self-Reliant Be Connected Actively Manage Your Relationship with Your Organization Survive and Thrive

Management Close-Up:
WHAT SKILLS CAN RAY OZZIE USE TO LEAD MICROSOFT TO THE WEB? advertising-supported services such as search and Ray Ozzie is a bona fide techie. A long-time software photo sharing over the Internet. Based on the Internet, programmer who became famous for creating the first Google, Yahoo!, and other firms can upgrade their collaboration software—Lotus Notes—Ozzie was reproducts whenever they choose to—or whenever cuscently appointed top technical executive by Microsoft tomers demand it. Free, open-source software travels cofounder and retired executive Bill Gates. At the time the globe, also undermining Microsoft’s position. So of his appointment, Ozzie had been working for MiOzzie and his team must crosoft for only a few months. gather all of Microsoft’s talent But Gates, along with chief exRay Ozzie had some huge shoes to fill to...
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