Man and Woman and the Decline of Superior Races by Julius Evola

Topics: Gender, Woman, Female Pages: 3 (1150 words) Published: November 17, 2012
In a society that no longer understands the figure of the ascetic and the warrior; in which the hands of the latest aristocrats seem better fit to hold tennis rackets or shakers for cocktail mixes than swords or sceptres; in which the archetype of the virile man is represented by a boxer or by a movie star if not by the dull wimp represented by the intellectual, the college professor, the narcissistic puppet of the artist, or the busy and dirty money-making banker and the politician - in such a society it was only a matter of time before women rose up and claimed for themselves a 'personality' and a 'freedom' according to the anarchist and individualist meaning usually associated with these words. And while traditional ethics asked men and women to be themselves to the utmost of their capabilities and express with radical traits their own gender-related characteristics- the new "civilization" aims at leveling everything since it is oriented to the formless and to a stage that is truly not beyond but on this side of individualism and differentiation of the sexes.

What truly amounts to an abdication was thus claimed as a 'step forward'. After centuries of 'slavery' woman wanted to be themselves and do whatever they pleased. But so-called feminism has not been able to devise a personality for women other than by imitating the male personality, so that the woman's 'claims' conceal a fundamental lack of trust in herself as well as her inability to be and to function as a real woman and not as a man. Due to such a misunderstanding, modern woman has considered her traditional role to be demeaning and has taken offence at being treated 'only as a woman'. This was the beginning of a wrong vocation; because of this she wanted to take her revenge, reclaim her 'dignity', prove her 'true value' and compete with men in a man's world. But the man she set out to defeat is not at all a real man, only the puppet of a standardised, rationalised society that no longer knows...
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