Women and Their Plan

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Lucinda Borque
Research Paper
Knowledge and Power
Women and their Plan
Girls, Ladies, and Women, we need to stand up and control our future. It’s appears that we have been doing, so for the past decade, but are we really controlling our lives with our own beliefs? Everyday women of all ages are being influenced by media and influenced by society. It’s always good to see the world and understand different views. Although, how can we understand different views, if many of us do not even understand ourselves? To understand ourselves, means that we have to understand what was, what is, and what could be .We need to ask questions to our inter person like what were that girl’s dreams? What is that lady’s reality and what could be the Woman plan for the future? Every women needs to understand the importance of decisions making. Any given decisions made will not only affect her but her future generation. Having a Plan and making right decisions should be on every women mind. In my twenty-one years of interacting with society. I have finally finalized that all women need a plan. In my interview this concept of a plan stuck out, like a needle. In which a needle is threading two pieces of cloths together to make a master piece. A master piece, in which, we become the subject of it perfection. To help reinforce my idea I have done research that contributes to this ideal. “In Women 2020: Our Selves, Our Worlds, Our Futures”, by Birtwistle, Elisa, and Futurist. In this article they observed women changes in society and break it into four dimensions. The dimensions are decision making, workplace and the economy, communication and identity, and innovation. All these aspect of women occur with an understanding of one’s self and an understanding of a plan for a future. Another article that is an aid to this idea is called “Confidence Woman” by Luscombe, Belinda. In this article they focus on the Facebook's CEO Sheryl Sandberg and her “mission to change the balance of power”. This article focused on what power and control women should have in today’s society. The last article that I researched that helps support the idea of planning is by Sandberg, Sheryl. "Why I Want Women To Lean In". This article is by Sheryl Sandberg and shows how women need to plan their future but not make a plan to affect their career in a negative way. To plan so that they can accomplish their overall goals as women, in which they never settle for less. There are also two reading in class that aided to reinforce my research which are “Why Millennial Women Do Not Want To Lead” by Julie Zeilinger. This article relates to my topic because women do not want to lead, let alone lead within them self. Women do not want to believe in them self. Women need more trust in their intelligence and capacities. One of the other article that I choose is called “The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action” by Audre Lorde. This article Audre Lorde focuses on the hardship of speaking, and finding your itch within yourself; of making a change with your own beliefs. All these different articles intertwine with one another and contribute to the idea of women and their plan of the future. Everyone has a dream. The person I interviewed name was Anatalia Estevez and she had a dream, which was, to see life for what it was, to travel more and understand the different views of the world. Dreams that soon will be seen, turned into a nightmare. The person that I interview gave this idea of a plan which stemed from comments that she stated. Like this for example; “I got an amazing job which was a part of U.S Custom. I know if I would be there today, I would have excelled to a higher position. At the time I knew there was more to life than Puerto Rico, I decided to leave Puerto Rico and head to the United States. To be honest there was really no need for me to come to the United States. I did it because I was in love with my current partner. Do not get me...
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