Male Nurses

Topics: Nursing, Gender, Registered nurse Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: July 16, 2012
Male Nurses

In today’s society male nurses are still looked upon negatively in the nursing profession. There are several stereotypes that society has placed males into that chose to become nurses, males who become nurses are considered gay, society views the work that nurses do as “women’s work” not a man’s job. In today’s society maybe the male nurse just simply enjoys helping people and giving something back to society? Colleges need to institute programs that will get the attention of male students, and help recruit them into the nursing programs. There is such a shortage of male nurses everywhere, so the colleges need to take this into consideration, and focus on the recruitment of men into the field of nursing. Colleges could offer a male nursing program; some men might feel more apt to go into the profession if this was offered. A male needs to recruit a male into this profession; they may view the nursing profession a little differently coming from someone of the same gender. In reality, males actually started the nursing career for everyone. In the article, History of Men in Nursing, (Male nurse magazine, page 1) it states that male nurse’s go back to the third century in Rome. “Seventy years before the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, Fray (Faiar) Juan de Mena was shipwrecked off the south Texas Coast. He is the first identified nurse in what was to become the United States” (Male nurse magazine, page 1). Male nurses were predominating through the 1800’s up until the turn of the century, and then female nurses began to organize. “In 1894, the superintendents of Female Nursing Schools (who were all female) gathered in New York for their first annual meeting. The Nurses Associated Alumnae became the American Nurses Association (ANA) in 1917, and men were excluded until 1930” (Male nurse magazine, page 1). If truth be told about the nursing profession, without male nurses there would be no nurse profession. The entire nursing field was...
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