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  • Published: July 23, 2012
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Work Motivation
-Studies of its Determinants and Outcomes

Christina Bjorklund


Som for avlaggande av filosofie doktorsexamen vid Handelshogskolan i Stockholm framlaggs for offentlig granskning fredagen den 27 april 2001, kIlO.I5 i Aulan, Handelshogskolan, Sveavagen 65.

Work Motivation
-Studies of its Determinants and Outcomes


EFIMission EFI, the Economic Research Institute at the Stockholm School of Economics, is a scientific institution which works independently of economic, political and sectional interests. It conducts theoretical and empirical research in management and economic sciences, including selected related disciplines. The Institute encourages and assists in the publication and distribution of its research findings and is also involved in the doctoral education at the Stockholm School of Economics. EFI selects its projects based on the need for theoretical or practical developnlent of a research domain, on methodological interests, and on the generality of a problem. Research Organization The research activities are organized in nineteen Research Centers within eight Research Areas. Center Directors are professors at the Stockholm School of Economics. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT Management and Organisation; (A) Center for Ethics and Economics; (CEE) Public Management; (F) Information Management; (I) Center for People and Organization (PMO) Center for Innovation and Operations Management; (T) ECONOMUCPSYCHOLOGY Center for Risk Research; (CFR) Economic Psychology; (P) MARKETING Center for Information and Communication Research; (CIC) Center for Consumer Marketing; (CCM) Marketing, Distribution and Industrial Dynamics; (D) ACCOUNTING, CONTROL AND CORPORATE FINANCE Accounting and Managerial Finance; (B) Managerial Economics; (C) FINANCE Finance; (FI) ECONOMICS Center for Health Economics; (CRE) International Economics and Geography;...
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