Malayan Union

Topics: Malaysia, Malayan Union, British Malaya Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: March 9, 2011
In 1945, the Japanese surrendered and the Second World War ended. The period between the Japanese surrender and the return of the British to Malaya gave the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) the opportunity to take over the government in Malaya. History shows that the MCP got to control Malaya for 14 days. During that time and from time to time thereafter its members created trouble and chaos. Later, the British returned to Malaya in September 1945. To restore peace, the British Military Administration (BMA) was established. In the chaos military rule was felt necessary. The military system of administration did not last and in its wake the British proposed a new system of administration known as Malayan Union. In January 1946, the Constitution of the Malayan Union was passed and on 1 April 1946 the Malayan Union was officially proclaimed, with Edward Gent as the first Governor. (Nazaruddin Hj Mohd Jali 2003, Malaysian Studies 2010 :30)

The main objective of the British in introducing the Malayan Union was to ensure that the economic interests of the British in Malaya were protected. Therefore the British felt in order to protect their interest, a standardize administration under one ruling system (Malayan Union ) were needed. With the idea of one ruling system could do more efficient administrative beside cut down cost. At the same time, with this system may strengthen up the defense after the chaos in the internal states. The British also trying to united all races become one races to ensure the labor force and the investment of their interest are in secure and reliable. In Malayan Union proposed, British had stated that their ultimate objective was to grant independence to the country. It was also said that the British deliberately set up the Malayan Union because of the hatred some British officer had against Malays for supporting Japanese during their Occupation Malaya and instead felt grateful to MPAJA (in particular the Chinese) who opposed the Japanese....
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