Making Dreams Reality Trudeau's Just Society

Topics: Canada, Pierre Trudeau, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Pages: 4 (1535 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Making Dreams Reality
Trudeau’s Just Society

Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Canada’s 15th prime minister, has always dreamed of Canada becoming a united society. This idea was announced and introduced after his candidacy in 1968. He described his idea of a Just Society as one that :

“one in which all of our people will have the means and the motivation to participate, in which personal and political freedom will be more securely ensured than it has ever been in the past, in which the rights of minorities will be safe from the whims of intolerant majorities, in which those regions and groups which have not fully shared in the country’s affluence will be given a better opportunity.”[1] Trudeau wanted Canada to become a united society that is independent from Britain and the U.S.A[2] The term ‘Just Society was used in 1968 during ‘Trudeaumania’ . The ‘Just Society’ Trudeau dreamed of was also a country that will be bicultural because of its justice toward society. A society with justice means that every individual will have freedom, but they will also have responsibilities. Justice also gives people rights that must not be abused. In order to assure equality among citizens, people should help protect those in society who are vulnerable to subjection or prejudice.[3] Trudeau was an efficient prime minister who greatly changed Canada and turned it into a ‘Just Society’

Trudeau, unlike the previous prime ministers who made minimal attempts to make Canada an independent country from Britain and the U.S, applied many changes that allowed Canada to be independent. To begin, one of Trudeau’s contributions to Canada was in 1976 when Trudeau successfully allowed Canada to be a part of G7, a group of seven major economic powers[4]. This was Canada’s own choice and did not require Britain’s approval in order to join. Moreover, in 1982 Trudeau passed a bill called Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This was a huge step for Canada’s...
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