Brian Mulroney

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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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Throughout Canadian history there have been many influential political leaders in the past, but none as powerful or significant as Brian Mulroney. Despite the many political criticisms, Brian Mulroney served as the longest conservative prime minister in Canada, he attained a struggle through his pre-political life, which lead him to cleaning up his act and leading the conservative party to the greatest majority in Canadian history, he goes on to serve the legacy of one of the greatest political leaders of all time. Martin Brian Mulroney was born in 1939, the son of an electrician, in the town of Baie Comeau, Quebec. He attended a very strict military all boys’ school until the age of 16 when he entered Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. There he earned an honor degree in political science and he was active in campus politics. Before he graduated he was to become the Prime Minister of St. FX’s famous mock Parliament, a position that had been held for years by Liberal students. It was during these years in Quebec that Brian became known as the life of the party. He frequented most Montreal nightclubs and was quite a lady’s man. He also became a slightly more than social drinker. After becoming a lawyer in 1965 he joined a law firm known as Cate Ogilvy, later becoming a partner in that firm. In May 1973 at the age of 34 he married a beautiful 20 year old Mila Pivnicki, daughter of Yugoslav immigrants, and they had three children. Mulroney worked energetically for the Progressive Conservative Party as a young lawyer. Although Mulroney had not yet held public office, he ran for election as Conservative leader at the party's 1976 national convention. He waged a vigorous and expensive campaign but lost to Joe Clark after being criticized as the Cadillac Candidate for spending so much money. This was a very bleak time in his life, he took the Leadership loss very personally and it almost ruined him. A few years after taking the job of President of the Iron...
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