Democratic vs. Autocratic

Topics: Leadership, Democracy, Raúl Castro Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: September 30, 2012
atic aDemocratic:
1. Democratic countries are safe to live in. The military protects the citizens and works to keep the country a safe environment. This picture represents democratic leadership because it shows a military sergeant coming back from war for his country, as well as he’s being a role model to the kids. This is very different compared to what you would see from an autocratic military sergeant. 2. Stephen Harper is the prime minister of Canada; a democratic country. He is the leader of the progressive conservative party. In 2006, Stephen Harper`s party had a minority government. In the 2011 election, Harper`s conservative party won a majority government. Stephen Harper came into power through the votes of the people of Canada; his decisions are fair to the people. 3. Referendums’ are a good way to hear what people want. A referendum is basically a vote on a particular subject. This represents democratic leadership because in democratic countries people are heard and they`re opinions matter. 4. I chose this picture with the sign saying “for sale democracy” because in democratic countries that`s the product for sale. People in democratic countries have democratic leadership styles. For example, leaders are elected, elections are held regularly and citizens can question and speak out against leaders’ actions. 5. An election is a way for citizens of a democratic country to choose who they want to represent them. Leader’s term in office is limited so that if the people are unhappy with the elected party, they can choose a different party in the next election. If the people like the party ruling, they can re-elect them. 6. Queen Elizabeth the second is an example of democratic leadership styles because she gave her authority to the constitution of the country. Her power is limited by a constitution. Britain is a democratic country; The Queen is a Constitutional Monarch, which basically means she rules with the approval of Parliament....
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