Making and Recieving Telephone Calls

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Making a telephone call
On 10/10/12 a work colleague had asked me to make a phone call to Cawthorne Park about a group of learners visiting on the 16/10/12. She asked me to find out if they had any special offers for colleges or large groups. I checked out what information she needed and found out from her the age of the leaners and if they had any disabilities as this could affect if they got a discount. I did an internet search to find the number for Cawthorne Park as this was the quickest way. I found the general enquiries number but didn’t have a name to ask for. I then picked up the handset on the phone and pressed 9 which got me an outside line and then dialled the number in. When the call was answered I told them my name and explained that I was from Barnsley College. I smiled while I was doing this as even on the phone you can pick this up. I was polite. I said that I was enquiring about any offers they may do for colleges or large groups for visits. She told me that there is a group rate at £3.95 each and for every ten people you get another person in free. I asked if there were any other offers they do but she said there wasn’t. I thanked her for this information and her time and ended the phone call. I then wrote down this information and passed it along to my colleague, who thanked me for doing that. On 11/10/12 a colleague asked me to organise for SMTs to come visit the house for tea and cakes whilst the learners are there, I got given the names of the secretaries, the date and times of the visit. I called D.Turner and explained that Rheia wanted to organise this visit for the 16th November and that she wanted 3 SMTs at 11am and 2 SMTs at 2:45pm, I also gave her the names of the people RB wants to visit. DT said she would organise it between them the best times for them to go and get back to me ASAP. Before I ended the call I summarised what I had said before about the date and times and that she would contact me ASAP.

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