Make It Shine

Topics: Universe, Star, Hydrogen Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Make it Shine
(Kathryn Anne P. Bunagan)

Imagine the remarkable glow of the first star appearing on the clear night sky—it brightens all of us in awe splendor as we witness a seemingly magic spell cast upon us. This spectacle is happening . as it begins to glow, we all become witnesses to this divine beauty personified- million of stars is born and we call them the freshmen.

It is truly a mystery how such formless gas and dust ignite the crystal of dreams and unlock the mystery of star formation. Such occurrence truly captivates the human person to dream and even aspire for the impossible. But beyond the mystery and the light that the star brings, its secret lies with the force that draws the emptiness of space to form a masterpiece and allow it to glow for many, many years—the trials and obstacles that it went through.

As freshmen, the journey that we had is likened to a star as it slowly develops out of the emptiness of the universe. We dream. We aim high. But beyond those dreams, we have faced difficulties in life. We have faced challenges that had almost brought us down. We have faced obstacles that almost took away the hope within us. But still, we stood strong and this is what made us stars.These challenges caused this star to grow and mature before it finally reaches its final destiny—to become a supernova exploding into new stars across the universe. Such reality gives us hope with the promise of the future. For who would ever expect anyone like us would develop into a mesmerizing star beaming with life, passion, energy and dreams—all waiting to explore the vast horizons of the universe.

This is just the beginning yet we have reached the pinnacle of our potential. We are like caterpillars soon to become a magnificent butterfly blazing a new path. Like an eagle soaring high in the sky. Like a plant soon to bear colorful flowers that make the world wonderful. And like stars soon to be born.

Freshmen are SUPER stars in the making. This is our...
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