maintaining a swimming pool

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swimming pools


(To begin, let’s look at how to clean the pool)

I. There are several important steps to cleaning a swimming pool.

A. (1)The VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act passed in 2007; states that you must have 2 separate main drains not allowing someone to get stuck to them. (2) The number of return inlets shall be based on two inlets per six hundred square feet of pool surface area; you want to begin by removing and clearing any debris from those baskets. Next you will get out the pool vacuum and attach it to the cleaner port. Setting your filtration system to “waste” will allow you to pick up any loose debris from the bottom of the pool. B. Then you will set your filter to rinse allowing water to go back through the filtration system allowing it to clean any debris from the sand. Then you will take a skimmer net and clear anything left off the top of the water

(Now it is on to the most critical part)

II. The chemicals and filtration system.

A. You may have one of two types of filtration systems; there is a sand filter or a salt water filter which is more popular in the south because pools don’t close too often or too long. (3) The size of pump you use is critical according to in Alabama your pool must circulate all water in 8 hours. Then ensures that the water is properly filtered and all chemicals if properly added will circulate appropriately. B. There are several important chemicals that are used to balance out the water in a pool; these chemicals must be tested daily to ensure the safety of the water. The main but the main 3 are Chlorine, Ph., and Alkalinity. (Test kit). It is important not to test with your fingers as caps

(So I know most of you will agree with me when I say that)


I. Properly maintaining a pool is not an easy task.
II. Every step in the process of maintaining a pool is very critical, from the basic cleaning to the balancing of the chemicals...
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