Maintaining Competition - Hunger Games

Topics: Competition law, Monopoly, United States antitrust law Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Juliet Ball
17 March 2013

"The Role of Government in the Hunger Games: Maintaining Competition"
In the movie the Hunger Games, the role the government plays is maintaining competition. The role is maintaining competition because the government enforces anti-trust laws. An anti-trust law is a law that allows the federal government to regulate monopolies and trust. They regulate trust because trust is a group of companies that band together to form a monopoly and eliminate competition. They regulate this because they don’t want competition eliminated. That is what the Hunger Games is about; competition. This competition between the districts creates an audience; these viewers bring money to the government, so they continue to have these games. Also the factors that create an audience also include fear and hope. In the competition shows we have in the United States today they do have a factor of hope but it isn't near as strong as in the Hunger Games. Today we hope that someone wins a singing competition but in the hunger games the show is lasting so long because the hope is so much stronger. The hope is so much stronger because they added another factor in the Hunger Games; Death. Would your hope for a singer to win be greater than your hope for someone not to die? The odds are not, so people tend to watch the program that showcases death. So the government creating these anti-trust laws keeps them gaining money. They keep up the competition by the elimination of trust. In conclusion the role the government plays in the Hunger Games is maintaining competition. The role is maintaining competition because they create anti-trust laws that eliminate trust and keep up the competition to continue the growing of money in the government.
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