Magazine Radio Programmes in Ireland

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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A magazine radio programme is one that presents a variety of topics, usually dealing with current affairs and often includes interviews and commentary, The first radio programme I chose to research was The Right Hook as I was already familiar to the character of George Hook and was curious to see how it would translate to a radio show with a listener ship of 130,000 people. Initially, as a 19 year old female living in urban Dublin, I found George Hook very hard to relate to as a 71 year old rugby pundit from Cork. In my opinion, his radio programme is geared towards an older and predominately male audience. As Newstalk is an independent broadcaster Hook is free to express his opinion on the topic of the day, which he certainty does. I found his presenting style to be very gruff and old fashion particularly on issues concerning money and women, for example when Ken Kercheval, an actor from the American soap Dallas, was interviewed on (27th Sept) I feel some of the comments made about female co-stars were quite crass and outdated. I also noticed this direction in the questioning been taken while Lee Child was a guest on The Right Hook (13th Sept). Although at the start of the interview Child made the point that he didn’t care how much he earned from his books “as long as the rent was paid” to me, this showed that he would rather not discuss this and I thought it was unprofessional when Hook continued to probe. Although this does bring a very strong sense of personality to the show, as the presenter is determined to discus the topics he thinks are relevant. The pace of the show is quite slow and in my opinion, long winded at times with Hook delving into his archive of anecdotes regularly. I noticed this particularly in The Right Hook coverage of the US Presidential Election especially contrasting Hook’s broadcasting style with his co host for this segment Michael Graham who’s speaking manner is fast paced and quick to the point. I feel he is misinformed often on...
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