Luella and Roger After Ten Years

Topics: English-language films, Keller Williams, Sitting Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Nevena Selakovic

The large woman with big purse

After ten years the little boy Roger was not that little anymore. He finished high school and college and now he is working as a director in the big finance firm in New York. He got married with Maria, Venezuelan women, when he was 21 years old. After two years they got their first son and they named him Robert. When Robert was 1 year old he got sister witch name was Luella. They were living in Queens in big yellow house. One day Roger was on his way to work. Usually he goes by car but that day he decided to go by subway. It was beautiful sunny day. While he was walking towards metro, he decided to sit a little bit in the park and enjoy in the view. When he sat down the large woman approached him and said “Can’t you see that I am sitting there?”

“Sorry I didn’t see anybody here” Roger answered confused, she looked familiar to him. He was trying to remember and then he saw that large purse that changed his life. The Luella just sat down on the bench and started to feed the birds. Roger approached and said

“You don’t remember me right?”

“Sorry boy but my eye sight is really bad” Luella answered.

“I am Roger, the kid who tried to still your purse 10 years ago” Roger smiled

Luella looked at him really closely and stared for 5 minutes. Then she started to laugh so hard. She couldn’t believe that that was him. She hugged him so hard that he couldn’t breathe. Then she asked him a lot of questions that he couldn’t answer immediately. Roger told her that he got married and that he has two kids. One of the kids is named after her because after that incident that happened 10 years ago she changed his life completely and he is really grateful. He asked her what is she doing and Luella answered:

“Um nothing much my dear, trying to enjoy in my retirement “

He just smiled and still he couldn’t believe that he saw her. He had to go, they said good bye to each other and they left. The whole day for Roger...
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