Loving Someone

Topics: Love, Sloppy joe, Short story Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: September 29, 2012
What if you loved someone so much but they didn’t know you existed? You could change so much that you lose yourself in the mix. In the short story, “Nobody Stole Jason Grayson” by Caroline Mackler, the theme of the story is that love can make you do strange things. The characters, Abby, Jason, Daytona, and Sloppy Joe all deal with someone that they have fallen for. They also have some reality checks along the way. Each character has an interaction that teaches them what love really is, or what love really isn’t. All of the characters change throughout the story. The first character who learns the lesson is Abby. Abby was in the hallway and notices that Daytona’s locker is open so she takes Jason’s picture out of it. She takes the photo because she is madly in love with Jason Grayson. An example from the text is, “ I know that stealing is wrong and immoral and can give you stomach cramps and a raw tongue, but as I gazed longingly into Daytona’s something inside of me couldn’t stop thinking, I want no, I need that picture of Jason Grayson ( Mackler pg. 2). This quote relates to the theme of love because it shows love will make you do strange things. Abby would never have stolen anything if she wasn’t head over heels for Jason.

Another character who learns the lesson is Jason. Jason dumps Daytona because she is going over-board on finding his picture and he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Jason is fed up with Daytona and her drama. An example from the text is, “I’m sick of how you always freak out about everything” (Mackler pg. 6). This quote connects to the theme love because its shows you love will make you do strange things. Jason would never break up with Daytona.

The last person to learn this lesson is Sloppy Joe. Sloppy Joes calls Abby to tell her that her school ID was left and he found it under a chair. He said he would...
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