Topics: The Faculty, Financial statements, Lovely Professional University Pages: 3 (375 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Lovely School of Commerce & EconomicsDepartment of Management Name of the faculty member Rajni Kant Rajhans
Course No: COM359 Course Title Financial Statement Analysis Class: B.Com Term: Spring Section: Q4108 Batch: 2011-14 Max. Marks 30 Date of Allotment: 25-Jan-13Date of Submission: 11- Feb-2013

|S. No |Roll No |Objectives of |Topic |Organization |Model* | | | |Academic Activity | | | | |1 |ALL STUDENTS |To expose students |A group of three (3) students should be formed. A |The list of the |Report Writing – 5 Marks | | | |to practical aspect|group should be provided an industry company. All |companies allotted to |(Individual) | | | |of financial |students of a group will get different companies of|each student is appended|Calculation 5 Marks | | | |analysis and |the same industry. Students are expected to do |with the Assignment |(Individual) | | | |prepare them to be |comparative and common-size analysis of the company|plan. The organizations |Comparative statement | | | |able to interpret |allotted. And will write an introduction about the |are allotted on sectoral|analysis (5 Marks | | | |the financial |company not having more than one page. Comparative |basis and each group is |individual) | | | |performance and |analysis will be done for two periods that is by |allotted one sector and |Common-size...
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