Love Personification Essay

Topics: 2006 singles, 2007 singles, 2005 singles Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Courtney Claassen
Mrs. Kerr
Block 1
27 September, 2010
I can’t see you….but I know you’re there. Somewhere, someday I will find you. I’ve heard things about you. The way you surprise people when their least expecting it, or jump at them when they want it the most. You are happy. But you have your days, where you can be down. Oh love, how I wish to feel the warmth of your wrath that others have felt. I wait. And wait. But nothing seems to come.

You link two people, in ways unimaginable. You, my love, are like glue. You hold two things together. But sometimes the glue dries out, and you leave. You fade as if you were just a burst of wind. You come and go. But it will come around again….another day. You are the bonds, oh so strong bonds, that connect all people. It’s indescribable what you can do. You pull people together. And unfortunately you can also push them apart. Some can’t realize they have you until you open their eyes. They may have had it the whole time. But only you would know. You express yourself through us. You’re also fair, love. You give everyone a turn, and everyone a try. Some more lucky than others. It’s never a game. It’s our fate. That’s what you decide. You have the power to change a life forever. A power that only two people will know is real when it strikes them. This power is still a mystery to me. Still I wait. People say you won’t come to us. We have to come to you. You are bigger, brighter, better, and brought on this world for us. You are what keeps us planted down on Earth. As long as you are with us all, the Earth will be a better place. The sight of you brings peace within us all.

We are birds. Love is the wings on my back. You free me; make me fly places I could have never reached before. I will depend on you as long as you are faithful. Stay true to me, my love. Keep me by your side forever. This is my wish. You bring joy like nothing else can. Some don’t...
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