Love Is Like a Roller Coaster

Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Love is Like a Rollercoaster
Nowadays to many people think or would say that love is like a rollercoaster. They have their ups, downs, twists’, and turns. When we are up high on the top of that rollercoaster we feel happy, excited, and anxious to see what’s next. As when we are in love or have love for someone we also feel happy, excited, and anxious. When we are down low on that one rollercoaster we start to feel sad because the ride is over as when we are not in love we start to feel sad. Just like a rollercoaster ride love can be a bumpy ride. The ride might be better or worse than what we anticipate, and whether or not you enjoy the ride depends on what you seek. Love is like a rollercoaster ride it can make u nausea yet it can be very sweet. Love is also like a rollercoaster ride because you will never know what to expect. Love can be like a rollercoaster, it is a unique ride but not everyone wants to try it. In conclusion love is like a rollercoaster ride you don’t know what to expect but once you find the right one, you want to do it again. If you find the wrong love or wrong rollercoaster the outcome can end up in a disaster that you might not want to try again. So make sure you choose the right decision when approaching your first love or your fist rollercoaster.
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