Love and Deception ( the Chaser)

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  • Published : November 30, 2012
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Love and Deception
Love is a feeling a personal attachment to your spouse or lover. Love can also be sexually passion or desire to other. A false appearance and to be unfaithful to your spouse or lover, is called deception. Love life always ends up the relationship if it started the deception. As in the short story “The Chaser” by John collier in which the character called Alan Austen a young boy loves the girl very much but wanted to start the relationship falsely. Love life always the true and happy life but life with deception always ends up the relationship. Alan loves a girl name Diana. He was ready to do anything to get his love. In order to get Diana’s love he decided to buy a love portion from an old man who makes those kinds of portions so even she can fall in love with him. He wanted to Diana to have the same feeling as he has for her There are many stories some are true and some are just fantasy that shows that in love or/and for love people can do of a famous story that must have inspired many lover. Yash Raichand and Rohan are friends like family, when Yash’s wife Mrs. Nandani gives birth to a baby boy name Rahul , Rohan helps the couple bring up there child with most care. Years later the two friends have separated, Rohan lives in a shanty house, works as a mechanic and is the father to a young girl Priya while Yash is a wealthy industrialist and lives in a spacious bungalow. In order to collect huge amounts of fund from abroad for good living Rohan decides to leave Priya in the care of the Raichand’s family. Everything was going well Priya as she is became friend with Rahul which eventually changed to love, Nandani finds out about Rahul and Priya’s relationship and approve of Priya as her daughter-in-law but Yash is quite unhappy with the relationship as he have plans to get Rahul marry to his business partner's daughter Champa so he insults Priya and throw her out of his house. Rohan returns and is angry at the...
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