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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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1. Rizal’s Political Exile In The Island Of Dapitan. By: Alexandria Gaetos, Joshua Carandang Paeng Paner, Carissa Bonifacio Rocky Zafranco, Angela Gallardo Marius Chua, Meara Toleran 2. IntroductionJose Rizal (June 19, 1861-December 30, 1896)Born to a family of 9, Rizal lived a happy and memorable childhood under the guidance ofhis parents, brothers, and sisters.Studied at the Ateneo Municipal De Manila and later at the Unibersidad de Santo Tomas.Went abroad to studied medicine and letter in Barcelona.Meet Ferdinand Blumentritt, Rizal’s soulmate and had a premature child with him.Wrote Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo to show Spanish Colonial GovernmentServed Political exile in DapitanWent to court and found guilty; sentenced death. Executed in Bagumbayan in Decemeber30, 1896. 3. Beginnings, Beginnings Dr. Jose Rizal serving hispolitical exile issued by theSpanish Colonial Governmentarrives on the island ofDapitan onboard the steamer,Cebu. 4. Issued Living Conditions Pablo Pastells, Superior of Jesuit Priest to Antonio Obach, priest in Dapitan That Rizal publicly retract his errors concerning religion, and make statements that were clearly pro-Spanish and against revolution That he performs the church rites and make a general confession of his past life That he conducts himself in an exemplary manner as a Spanish subject and man of religion 5. In ExileDr. Jose Rizal didn’t reallyfollow the guidelines that Fr.Pablo issued.Rizal lived in the house of acommandante named, KapitanCarnicero.There was respect betweenthe warden and the prisonerfor he was a man of valuesand intellect instead of ananimal. 6. The PerksThe perks of Rizal of havinga good relation with thecommandante is that he wasable to go around but haveto report once a week, rodethe chestnut horse of thecommandante, and Carnicerowrote good feedback ofRizal’s political exile inDapitan. 7. Wood, Bamboo, And Nipa Murmur of a clear brook from high rocks 2 boats of barotos Variety of fruit grown like guayabanos, lanzones, langka, baluno Animals like cats, rabbits, and dogs 8. The HealerRizal would let the locals go to his house toget medical treatment.He would apply the medical expertise helearned from the Unibersidad De SantoTomas and the European schools. 9. The TeacherDuring the siesta time of 2:00PM-4:00Pm,Dr. Jose Rizal would be a teacher teacher tothe young boys Science and the basics ofLatin. 10. The FarmerAfter playing the role of the educatedteacher, Dr. Jose Rizal would then involve hisyoung student in farming by helping himwater the plants and pruning the fruits. Heended his session with an Angelus at6:00PM. 11. The WriterDr. Jose Rizal would have dinner and afterthat continue his life writings and readingbooks. 12. All Bets Are OffOn September 21, 1892, the steam boat, Butuhan, made its way intothe excited shores of Dapitan.The citizens are wondering what good news can it bring. KapitanCarnicero thought it was the Kapitan-Heneral therefore he quicklycommanded the band to get ready to play.Winning lottery ticket no. 9763 which was owned by a joint KapitanCarnicero, Dr. Rizal, and Francisco Equilior own the SpanishGovernment Controlled Manila lottery. 13. All Bets Are OffRizal got his share of theP20,000 in the form ofP6,200 on which he gaveP200 to his friend, Basa, whowas based in Hong Kong.The rest of the money hewon he invested it onagricultural lands alongTalisay.He was not a drinker or asmoker but was addicted togambling which was his vice. 14. Rizal-Pastells Debate On Religion Fr. Pastells sent Dr. Rizal a copy of the book, Sarda. Fr. Pastells advised Dr. Rizal to view religion from the prism of individual judgement and self-esteem. Rizal wrote back to Fr. Pastells which revealed anti feelings for the Catholic Church thru the ideas he embrace while in Europe. 15. Rizal-Pastells Debate On Religion Fr. Pastells later gave Dr. Rizal a copy of a famous book called Imitacion De Cristo (Imitations Of Christ). Despite Dr. Rizal’s anti feelings for the...
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