Lord of the Rings Samwise Gamgee

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What Shall I Do?
By Matt Greutman
The Lord of the Rings is a novel about a journey of several different heroes that are working towards a common goal against the evils of middle earth. Heroes such as the powerful wizard Gandalf, the swift ranger Aragorn, The accurate archer Legolas, the mighty warrior Gimli, the ring bearer Frodo, and many other powerful warriors and helpful allies. However, there is only one character that truly fits the definition of being a real hero. This character never gave in to changing his path even when all seemed lost. This character was not as strong, skilled, or charismatic as many of the other heroes in this epic story, but he is more of a hero than all of them. He is one of the few heroes that came out of no real personnel interest, but rather to help and support one of his best friends. The only character that is a truly selfless heroic character is the hobbit, Samwise Gamgee.

Samwise Gamgee is one of only two characters that at least seemed to be truly immune to the seductive powers of the one ring. The only other character that was immune to the corruptive power of the one ring to rule them all was Tom Bombadil who was protected by being a powerful magical being that could be considered to be at a near even power level to Sauron himself. Samwise Gamgee on the other hand is not a demigod or a being of pure nature and magic that could stand toe to toe with Sauron and probably not have to feel far to worried about how things would turn out. Through only the strength of his own incorruptible spirit and the strength of his lifelong friendship with Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee managed to resist the powerful lure of an object that corrupted and overcame the spirit of such powerful beings as the warrior Boromir, the once noble wizard Saruman, and the insane hobbit like Gollum.

Samwise Gamgee has been involved in this quest for longer than anyone but Frodo and Gandalf. He has been involved since he was pretending to work on...
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