Lord of the Flies Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
1. Simons Christian’s act that is performed is when his body is carried out to sea with the plane and piggy after he got killed for something everyone though he was but in fact wasn’t, the sea is an unchanged element throughout the story and is used to erase painful memories and bad experiences. I thought that Simon's body being carried out to see represents the ascension of Jesus, since Simon was a representation of Christ. The white light is also a symbol of him rising up into heaven. When Simon discovers that 'the beast' which Samneric had seen on the mountain top is the dead body of an airman he untangles the parachute lines which have caused the body to move like a puppet when the wind blows.

2. Jack acts like a savage chief at the feast. His face is painted and he wears a crown of leaves. Jack commands and the other boys obey him. Jack, ralph and the other from the start said that the conch was important and a source of control but now jack and some of the boys have become savage and don’t care about it anymore.

3. The similarities between Simon and Christ are that Simon died before he got the opportunity to say what he had to say about the good and evil also about the beastie, when Christ had the opportunity to say what he needed to.

4. The storm reflects something bad or is common that naturally occurs on earth, it’s like a reality check as the boys could connect with the world outside of the island. It also is like a consequence of killing the innocent Simon since Simon loved the earth and was one with it.

5. The significance about the sea is that it doesn’t give it takes, first it took the plane after the crash and then the parachutist who could have potentially saved them and last but not least it took poor Simon.
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