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Loneliness is an empty and completely isolated feeling. Everyone has different definitions. John Steinbeck seems to show that loneliness is a natural and common result of the kind of life these characters are forced to lead. Some of the characters in Of Mice and Men are lonely as a result of having settled what to be less than their dreams. Some have just simply given up.

Every character in the story seems so lonely. Curley's wife always was looking for the attention of the farm hands for the lack of attention from the arrogant Curley. Funny we never know her name. Crooks kept to himself because he thought that the white people want nothing to do with a Negro. He is a major example of a man that has settled. Candy had a dog who was his only friend and when his dog dies, he really gets depressed. Each of the characters in the story is attracted to the plans of Lennie and George. When they think about a future together, their loneliness seems to be less, at least for a while.

Lennie added extra stress onto the shoulders of George. He would constantly ask questions about tending rabbits at their future dream ranch and always needed to be watched in case of an accidental incident. George's loneliness was easy to understand, he was given the responsibility to look after a man who really was like a child.

Lennie didn’t seem too concerned, he had George, whom he worshiped, and he had a dream of having their own piece of land to keep him going on. Even though he must get lonely- he is often ignored by George and made to feel stupid in conversations- that is if he is ever allowed to take part in one. Maybe this is why he loves the idea of tending rabbits when they have their own place- (he likes "soft things", the dress incident in Weed was because of this) they may represent a mirror of all the bad things about George. From a rabbit he would receive unconditional love and no orders of what to do and he could talk to them....
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