Gorge and Lennie

Topics: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Great Depression Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Relationship of George and Lennie
The fact that George and Lennie, the two main characters of the book ‘of mice and men’ written by John Steinbeck, ‘string along together’ to fulfill their American dream is unusual in the world of ranch hands. George and Lennie know each other since they were kids, Lennie is attached to George and they are like brothers to each other ever since. Lennie isn’t really bright; however he was useful, that is why George a takes care of Lennie and takes Lennie with him to do jobs. Lennie always get in trouble for his love of feeling soft things and George has to help him get out of it. As the story progresses, it is foreseen that at some point George won’t be able to cover for Lennie anymore and the end of their relationship.

George and Lennie are bestfriends and each other’s companion travelling in search of work. These two are flat broke; this is not good as they have a dream of owning their ideal farm one day. George is the ‘brains’ behind this operation, a smart guywho does all the talking and finding work. Lennie is physically strong, yet mentally slow. Lennie looks up to George very much like an older brother, always listens to what George says. While both of them are good workers, they cannot hold their work for long due to Lennie’s childlike mentality and fetish for petting things. Even though George gets frustrated by Lennie's mental weakness, he also feels compassion for his friend. Lennie offers George the opportunity to lay plans, give advice, and, in general, be in charge.

Without Lennie, George would be just like the other hands, but with Lennie, George has a strong sense of responsibility. George doesn’t see their dreams in terms of rabbits but in a practical way. Their farm will be one where they can be independent and safe and where he will not have to worry about keeping track of Lennie's mistakes. They can be secure and in charge of their own lives. However, Lennie is the one who adds the enthusiasm because...
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