Longpest: Impact on HR Activities

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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Assignment task
| | |Deadline: …………….2012 | | | |Assessment Criteria | |You will produce a report based on study , analysis and research you carry out. The attached marking scheme outlines the criteria| |by which your coursework will be assessed. | | | |The Task | |You are to assume the role of a consultant who has been appointed by your case study company. You have been asked by the | |organisation to perform an external environmental analysis and assess the impact on HR activities. You are to write a formal | |report, of 2,500 words, covering the following: | | | |Give a very brief outline of the organisation concerned. You may wish to consult location, history and employee makeup | |Perform an external environmental analysis for this organisation evaluating how the external environment impacts upon the | |organisation's current HR policies and practice. |...
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