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Zoo, the word which is originated from the Zoological Gardens of the London Zoological Society, is collection of wild animals. Because of human’s curiosity, it gathered animals as many as possible. Recently, zoo is no longer merely display, but also has the educational significance. Although it is so meaningful, it needs to assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses, even the world's oldest one, London Zoo. 1. What are the issues of London Zoo?

London Zoo, which is the ancestor of the world's zoo, organized in 1828, originally, because the purpose of research animals. Furthermore, industrial revolution drove the progression of society. People began to fully explore every corner of the world and various tribes, even the animals. At the same time, London Zoo opened for the public to satisfy the curiosity of the world. In the begining, London Zoo full huge crowds of people, each of nations wanted is not only visiting the unusual and seldom seen animals but also being entertained by the animlas’ behavior. For general, zoo is a suitable choice for killing hoildays, ecpecially for family with children. As described in the diagram (Chart 1), from 1830s to before the Second World War the attendance figures rapid raised. Even after the Second World War, the number of visitors still grows up, and reaches a peak in three million. It means that at that time, London Zoo can satisfy the expectation what general public want. As the result was displayed in the population of approach and seem to have a light vision in the future.

Chart 1 Attendance Figures
However, the development of London Zoo was not so good as looking forward. After an initial rise, there was a rapid decrease to approximately 100000 visitors .It was worth mentioning that the figure has less than threefold during the period. Between 1980 and 2008, the number of visitors fluctuated within the range from 100000 to 150000, but never returned to the flourish period. As can be seen from the chart, great changes have taken place in it. London Zoo got the opposite of what they wants, the number of attendances declined quickly and continuously. Why it reflected strongly and customers lost the attention to London Zoo, It must have some changes between the customers and London Zoo. Furthermore, this influence was continuously affecting until 1995. But what is the main reason to result in. Here come the following two conclusions of a classification. 1.1 Attractions for Customers

Firstly, although London Zoo is the pioneer of Zoological Gardens, it can't disregard the reducing number of attendances and decreasing incomes. According to statistics (Table 1) pointed out, in 1992, there were twenty zoos in the whole country of Britain, In addition to zoos, there were still different kinds of attractions for ordinary citizens to visit, such as nature reserve , butterfly parks , and so on. The meaning is even customers do not choose to go to London Zoo, it still has different types of amusement parks can offer entertainment. Confronted with an intense competition, unless the function supplied from London Zoo can’t be replaced by others, or London Zoo will suffer unprecedented challenge. It is imperative for London Zoo to build its own style and upgrade its extra value.

Table 1 1992 visits to wildlife-based attractions in the UK (Wildlife Tourism 1996, P. 103) Felipe Fernández-Armesto says “When I was young my favorite primate exhibit at the zoo was the chimpanzees' tea party. Chimps reduced tea tables to chaos with slapstick abandon, to the delight of paying onlookers. This was a daily form of entertainment in zoos in the 1950s.” (The Times, quoted in hunt March 31, 2007) As stated above, beyond if it was humanity or not, the chimpanzees' tea party was a very important program in London Zoo in 1950s. Also, this was the main reason why people wanted to visit London Zoo. From the graph (Table 1) ,we can see clearly that London Zoo was no longer clients’ only choice,...
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