Topics: Moon, Apollo 11, Gravitation Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Opposing to the special that we just aired, "What Happened on the Moon-- Hoax, Lies, and Videotape," America did land men on the moon. Many people are saying that it was staged; they are saying that the shadows are not correct. Here's where they're wrong: there are two light sources on the moon, the Sun and the Earth. On the moon, the Earth would appear as almost "full" and would reflect more light onto the moon than a full moon would onto Earth. Another thing is the Soviet Union would have found out if America faked the missions to the moon. They would have taken any chance to humiliate the United States if we failed or staged the lunar landings. Communications between Apollo missions and mission control were monitored not just by NASA but by the Soviets and ham radio operators. The video we showed does point out a few small errors in the earliest lunar photography, such as the crosshairs on the camera lens being covered by objects in the photo. That is the effect of overexposure on scanned copies of the original photo. The brighter areas around crosshairs only need to bleed very slightly to obscure a line of the crosshair completely. More signs of lunar landings come from the Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment, which has been measuring the accurate distance of Earth to the Moon for decades. Its presence on the Moon, not to mention the data that it provides, holds consistent with the project’s early records. Recent pictures from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter show that all equipment from the experiment remains in its recorded location on the moon. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter also took detailed photos of the descent stage of Apollo 15’s landing module, which first hit the moon in 1971. Other marks on the Moon’s landscape such as rover tracks and even faded footprints can be seen in the same photo set. People also say that the black sky should be full of stars in the pictures, yet none...
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