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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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League or Legends or Defense of the Ancients 2?
By Viti
I have only been playing Moba style PC Games for a year or so, but I feel as though Moba gaming has changed my whole view on gaming. I got so interested in to these types of games, that I tried all Moba PC Games out there. And I came to the conclusion that the top 2 are League of Legends (Lol) and Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2). Now, I am trying to figure out which of these two games is the best Moba game out there! Through my personal experience and asking other professional gamers, I have found that both games have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you look at both of the games without playing them, they would actually look pretty similar. Well, both of them are Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. In which you chose characters to fight it out as a team of 5. Both games have 2 different factions of characters to choose from. In League of Legends, you can chose champions from either Noxus or Demacia. As in Lol, in Dota 2, you can chose heroes from The Dire or The Radiant. At the start in both games, you start with x number of gold each and spawn at your spawn pool. You can use this gold to buy starting items and go to your lane. In Lol, you get 475 gold and in Dota 2 you get 400. In each lane there are enemy and ally minions. You can kill enemy minions to get more gold. The goal of both games is to reach the other side and destroy your enemy nexus. That is basically how both games go. But there are many different aspects in each game. The professionals I asked said that Lol is an easier game for newer players while Dota 2 is a harder game. Dota 2 has a much bigger map than the Lol map. Both maps have three lanes and contain the fog of war. Lol has stealth bushes while Dota 2 doesn’t. Also, Lol has a total of 5 different maps with different styles to play the game. Unfortunately, Dota 2 doesn’t have this feature. While on the concept of maps, League of Legends has much better graphics...
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