Hockey vs. Soccer

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Hockey Vs. Soccer

Have you ever realized the vast differences between soccer and hockey? There are so many differences; the sports are pretty much polar opposites of each other. They are different in things such as the team size, the surfaces played on, equipment, periods, penalties.

In soccer the teams have 11 players, including the goalkeeper on at all times; While hockey teams have 6 players including the goaltender on at all times. Soccer teams are swapping out players on and off the field every so often. Hockey teams and continually switching 3 to 4 different lines rotating off and on the ice every 45 seconds on the fly on at stoppages in play. Also soccer games consist of two 45 minute halves with a 15 minute halftime. In hockey it is three 20 minutes periods with 15 minutes intermissions between periods. Soccer teams stay tied if still tied after regulation; while Hockey teams depending on the league, go to overtime and then a shootout if neccesary. On the other hand, both sports do go to overtime if the game is tied in regulation during the playoffs.

A soccer players equipment consists of his jersey, socks, shorts, cleats; not very protective stuff because it is not a physical sport. A hockey players equipment consists of a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, pants, jockstrap, socks, shin guards, skates, gloves and a stick. Which provide a lot of protection from all the physical play that there is. Soccer players seem to embellish calls and pretend like they’re hurt when they are infact not. Hockey players take many blows and pucks and shots to the face; they rarely stay down on the ice. Soccer referees call fouls for excessive contact, tripping, bumping, jersey tugging and the like. They can award yellow cards as a caution for repeated fouls and red cards to eject a player for fouls from behind and violent behavior. Hockey officials can call minor penalties such as tripping, major penalties such as a dangerous check and misconduct penalties...
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