Logos Pathos Ethos

Topics: Rhetoric, Critical thinking, Logos Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: April 9, 2013
I will be analyzing a commercial about Colgate total where dental patients tell how and why their dentist advised them to switch to Colgate Total toothpaste. Ethos: As we know one of the Aristotle’s three ways of persuading is ethos which is the ethics of the individual, credibility, goodwill and expertise. In this commercial, the expert is the dentist, who talks about the product and describes how it works on our teeth and in what pays it helps; as well as what it prevents our teeth from. Since the dentist is part of the commercial it makes the audience to believe him according to his expertise. In other words, since he studied in that particular field (dentistry), he seems trustworthy and informed when he talks about the product. Logos: Logos is the line of reasoning where the dentist shows some statistics and talks about some facts about the product. He says “clinically proven, only Colgate total has an anti-bacterial ingredients which attaches ached to teeth and protects them”. “It reduces plaque for up to ninety-eight percent and keeps your teeth clean for u to twelve hours”. These statistics makes the audience think about the product and consider it next time they shop for a toothpaste. Pathos: Second part of the commercial is two women talking about their experience. Each tells her story and how the dentist advised them to switch to Colgate Total. In this way, they try to make the audience to feel those ladies because they believe that some of us have been in that situation. One of the ladies says “when I saw a little pink in the sink, I thought I’m brushing my teeth too hard, no big deal, but when I told my dentist, he said it’s because of the toothpaste”. Personally I, had been in this situation and thought the same way, but after the commercial I learned that it’s not because I’m brushing to hard or too fast, it’s from the toothpaste. This means that they persuaded the audience.
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