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Persuasive techniques
The four techniques that the nail polish ad is using are; visual, appeals, alliteration and inclusive language. They use inclusive language to get the viewer to agree with them”We’re all tired of ordinary polish that smudges, chips that take ages to dry. But who really wants to spend hundred each year on shellac manicures, uncomfortable and damaging acrylic nails?” The ad uses alliteration to grab the viewer’s attention “Better than Shellac? Better than Acrylics?” Another technique they use to sell this product is appeal “Luminail are offering a select number of Melbourne women the chance to try it for free,” its appealing to the viewer because they can try this amazing, new nail polish for free and see for themselves how good it is. The audience for this ad is a broad range of women who use nail polish.

2. The two persuasive techniques I found were appeal, “Imagine how you would look if you ate 30 per cent less every day” and alliteration, “slimstick”, which is the name of product, is used to grab the audience attention. By purchasing this product you will eat less and lose weight quicker. 3. Two techniques used in this ad are visual and statics. The statics show that the Dentist had “over 15 years’ experience in implant surgery,’’ The Dentist knows what they doing so you know you are in good hands. The photographs show before and after photos of a patient who has lost most of its teeth and in three short days they have complete set of teeth’s. They make us feel happy because within three days we can have perfect set of teeth’s and avoid wearing plates. Anyone who had plates knows what a pain in the ass they are because you have to wear them for many years and they are hard to clean plus you have to continually visit the Dentist. But with the procedure you will have perfect set of teeth’s in a short time without all that hassle! I think it’s very convincing because it saves time and money. 4. Ten adjectives used to describe SunRice...
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