Logical Thinking

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Emotional thinking is useful when a person supports conclusions off his or her emotions. An individual may base his or her feelings about his or her personal values, beliefs, and biases to make a decision. Emotional thinking can hinder an individual's capability to think critically. Emotions are a vital part of people making decisions. It involves critical thinking in which a person reflects on his or her options. Emotions are an unconscious force to conquer when a decision has to be made. An emotional response can sometimes take priority over level-headedness when a decision has to be made. A person has to consider his or her emotions and the impact that it may have when they have to decide on options that has to be made. When an individual is close to the end of his or her thinking process and a decision is made, the individual should think about the possible choices, and think about his or her emotions and what the emotions could be telling him or her and why. Thinking about his or her choices will allow an individual to remove themselves from the emotions and it will give him or her a better perspective of the emotions that are involved. An emotional thinker believes that feelings can be overcome by a person’s emotions, faulting in recognizing reason.

Logical thinking is useful when a person wants to decide whether there is enough information to understand what has been offered. It is a thinking process when an individual use his or her way of thinking to arrive to a conclusion. A logical thinking problem calls for organization, for associations involving facts, and for a logic that “make sense”. Logical thinking is a skilled psychological process.

An open question is expected to collect a long answer. An open question is distinguished by requesting a person to think and reflect; asking an individual to provide his or her with beliefs and emotions, and open questions will hand over the conversation to the other person. Open questions start...
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