Decisions in Hamlet

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  • Published : August 29, 2011
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We as people bear the onerous task of decision-making every day of our lives. Some decisions are small, and thus require little or no thinking, while others are major and require difficult pondering. On the other hand, some people choose to base their actions on whatever their heart tells them to do. They say we should “trust our gut feeling;” however, our most important decisions in life should not be made based on our inner feelings. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet must decide between avenging his father’s death by murdering his uncle, or letting his kingdom go to the grave father and rot under his uncle’s corruption. When Hamlet is confronted by his father’s ghost and encouraged to get revenge on his uncle, Hamlet assumes that the only appropriate vengeance is murder. This exemplifies Hamlet making a quick decision based solely on his inner feelings. If he had considered all the possible options for revenge, then he would not have gone down a path of destruction. The idea of murdering his own uncle certainly gets him contemplating, for even Hamlet knows that he cannot just trust his inner feelings. Hamlet contemplates for quite a while when his passion finally gets the better of him. Hamlet believes that killing his uncle is the only way to bring justice to his father and get rid of the corruption in the kingdom. Ultimately Hamlet gets his revenge, but for a huge price. His friends and family are killed in the process and even he takes his last breath after he kills his uncle. Hamlet could not have predicted the series of events that unfolded as a result of his plans for vengeance; however, all could have been avoided if he had carefully considered all the consequences prior to his decision-making. Sometimes our inner feelings are more biased towards what we think is best for our loved ones or ourselves. We end up taking the path that our “heart tells us to take” rather than the reasonable approach. Therefore we must carefully consider the circumstances and...
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