Loctite Corporation – International Distribution

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Loctite Corporation – International Distribution


1. Loctite Corporation was founded in 1956; Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. It had grown to become the global leading manufacturer and marketer of adhesives, sealants, and relative products, especially the impressive growth during the 1980s. It had achieved Fortune 500 status in 1990,and in 1991 was ranked 477 in revenue, 190 in profits, 24 in profit as a percentage of sales, and 18 in per share annual growth over the previous decade. By 1992, the company’s worldwide market share in industrial adhesives was estimated to be at 70%-80%. 2. Its growth had been based on the strategy of promotion diversity in end of use markets and geographies for their core business; this core business remained the sale of adhesives to industrial users who had previously used other ways of mechanical fasteners and industrial adhesives include sealants accounted for 50% of corporation revenues in 1992. From this base Loctite had expanded into related industrial markets, such as the automotive aftermarket, an entry built on acquisition of Permatex. In the mid-1970s and more recently Loctite successively entered consumer adhesives market by acquisitions of Woodhill Chemicals; expanded its technology base through acquisitions of silicone & polyurethane companies, and acquired a U.S. company selling hand-cleaning products as a complement to adhesives and sealants. 3. It had begun early in its history to get geographical expansion; by 1992 Loctite had operated with equity positions in 33 countries besides U.S., and with third party distributors in other countries. Its almost 60% of sales and 70% of earnings derived from operations outside the U.S. 4. Loctite was organized into four regional groups and the structures varied by region. Regions organized the operations to three business groups: industrial market; retail & consumer market and automotive aftermarket. The corporation was run in a decentralized fashion. 5....
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