Lock and Key

Topics: Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key, Key Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: February 8, 2011
If you expect the worst, you'll never be disappointed. Those could be the words heard from Ruby Cooper’s in the beginning of Sarah Dessen’s book “Lock and Key”. Lock and key is a roller-coaster of emotions and life lessons that will keep your turning page after page. Ruby’s story starts out in the many ram shackled apartments she lives in with her alcoholic mother who abandons her and ends in the luxurious home of her estranged sister Cora and brother in law Jamie. Ruby’s childhood was miserable when her sister Cora left and went to college and made her own life to leave the chaos and her younger sister Ruby behind. When the landlords of Ruby’s mother’s apartment realize that her mother has abandoned her they send Ruby to live with Cora. Ruby resented Cora for what she did and had no desire to see her or live with her. Ruby is not happy about her situation of living with her sister she doesn’t like rules and tries to run away, only to be brought back again. Eventually Ruby meets Nate, the snotty rich neighbor boy who has it all or so Ruby thinks. Nate has problems that Ruby doesn’t even realize. Nate and Ruby find each other and realize that life isn’t always what it should be and they help each other overcome and get through their many problems. What Problems are these? Does Ruby ever forgive her sister? Read “Lock and Key” to find out. Sarah Dessen captures the many feelings that teens go through and the problems they find themselves in she creates a story that can help them get through and manage their problems by reading it. Dessen gives just the right amount of information to keep you turning pages and wanting to find out what comes next in Ruby’s story and in all of her stories. Sarah Dessen was born in 1970 in Illinois, but spent most of her life in North Carolina. Both of Sarah’s parents were professors at the university in North Carolina. This is where she believes she has the influence of writing from. Sarah writes many of her books about events...
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