Loafing Among Youth

Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods, Childhood Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Nowadays,there are many news about teenagers problem occurring such as committing suicide and fighting. Loafing among youth is a common problem happening to students in schools during the class sessions. There will be many places that are normally frequented by them such as shopping complexes, fast food stalls and cybercafes which are near the school. There are some causes of loafing among youths and the steps should be taken to curb and reduce this problem.

The loafing among youths happened because of inattention from their parents. This is because some parents are materialistic so they just care about their jobs and money. Besides that, some parents are poor so they need to find money by doing part-time jobs in a day so they could cope with their family expenses. Consequently, they lack care and spend a little time with children, so it causes them to be involved in the loafing problem. Parents spend a little quality time with their children, leading to indiscipline problems among the children.

The youth himself or herself is the cause in the loafing problem. This is because they befriend with the wrong peers who affect them in the negative mode. Sometimes, youth's thinking is not strong enough to differentiate between right and wrong. Friends are important for us, so choosing good friends are an important steps to bring us to the right way.

Parents should spend more quality time with their children to curb this problem. Parents play an important role in this problem as good leaders. Parents should get to know their children better. Parents can do many activities to spent more times with them such as doing chores together, watching television and chatting with them. Children will discuss and speak to their parents of facing any problems after they know their parents care for them.

The school authorities also should enforce the school's law to curb this problem from magnifying. The school should cane the students infront...
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