Lmu Statement 1

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Statement 1

Father Adolfo Nicolas is a brilliant man who lives his life through Christ and bases his principles around spirituality. I wholly agree that social media and instant communication are tremendous obstacles to critical and deep thinking. I believe the media portrays many negative, violent, or sexual images much too often, and it is influencing our society negatively. It suggested that television lowers intelligence quotient because it depletes beneficial time that can be utilized for reading and studying. Deep reflection requires one to look past the surface and open up the mind to new possibilities and deep critical thoughts. How is it possible to achieve such deep reflection when we are constantly bombarded by shallow and superficial topics in the mainstream media? It is the twenty first century, and we are becoming more technologically advanced with the passing of years.

Everything is available on the internet including education, television, games, and social networking sites such as “Facebook”. Instant communication allows one to converse with whomever all from the comfort of your own space. It requires less effort than meeting with the person face to face, which in my opinion, is not a particularly positive mechanism. It allows for miscommunication to occur because you can not distinguish the true emotion or intention of the message unless you hear the tone of voice. Instead of wasting time on sites such as Facebook or instant messaging, it is much more self fulfilling to go for a scenic walk or spend time alone away from distractions. In order to encourage deep reflective thinking, it is a consummate to clear the mind of negative thoughts and focus on oneself.

To get beneath the surface of an idea or thought, one must look through the surface and into the meaning. I consider myself to be a highly spiritual person, and I observe that my generation is spiritually dead. It is challenging to engage in deep critical thinking and ponder...
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