Living in a Large City

Topics: City, Crime, Value added tax Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Living comfortably in a large city is a difficult way of life. When living in a big city there are a couple of problems that would make it hard. Rising crime rates is a big one because people never know when it is safe. The increasing in overcrowded conditions makes it tough for people who like space. Last there is the issue with the rising taxes of a bigger city, which can be overwhelming.

With the rising crime rate people do not know when it is safe. Gas stations can be a large target for the criminals that look for fast cash. This can cause the clerks of the gas stations to work in fear because this type of thing can turn fatal. Customers are also at risk when trying to retrieve cash from an ATM or finish a transaction for items bought. Another crime issue when dealing with large cities would be car jacking. While being at a stand still the drivers have to be cautious and make sure their doors are locked so that this will not happen to them. As a result of thieves taking people’s car it is causing the insurance rates to sky rocket. Another thing that could be scary to people would be home invasions. When there are home invasions in the area it, causes people to be afraid within their own homes. When a thief comes into a person’s home it causes one to lose not only their personal possessions but also ones security. A cause for these crime rates to go up is because of the overcrowded conditions within the city.

Increasing overcrowded conditions makes it difficult for people who like to have their space. As more people decided to move to the city there is a need for more space like condos. When people are leaving a large home behind they, are less likely to want to move into a smaller space. In which all there is are apartments and condos it leaves little to no space for luxuries like back yards. Not only is this an issue for people but at the same time the streets tend to be overcrowded with cars and buses. This in return causes accidents...
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