Living Dead Girl

Topics: Death, Given names, English given names Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Shanda Reed
Mrs. Stausing
Honors English II Book Report
February 28, 2013
Living Dead Girl Breakdown
In the book Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott, a young girl named Alice deals with several conflicts between herself, her abductor, and the world throughout her short life. In Alice’s life she is kidnapped and taken away from the life she knows at the age of ten years old by a man named Ray. Ray beats, molests, and starves Alice on a daily basis. Alice is fighting with herself because she knows that in the end her only escape from Ray would be death. She can’t run because Ray threatens her with the fact that if she runs he will go find her family, and kill them. Alice talks to herself throughout the whole book trying to convince herself that she probably doesn’t have much time left because Ray got rid of the last “Alice” because she no longer appealed to him like she did when she was younger. As Alice gets older she’s fighting with nature to stay young, thin, and pure, but as time goes by Alice can’t hold on to her youth for much longer. She starts to look for a new Alice. She travels to the local park and is forced to stake out until she returns with details of a new “Alice”. She is continently being reminded of the life she use to have as a child that she no longer has, so she decides to speed the process up by asking a family member of a young girl she has her eyes on. Jake is the older brother of the new Alice named Annabel. Jake is Alice’s first grip on reality, after she gets to know him, he soon tells her that he is going to save her. A few days after meeting Jake, Alice meets a police woman who figures out there is something wrong with Alice. The officer lends her candy, and a business card with her information to reach her on it if she ever needs her help.

Alice is still getting pressured to get a new girl by Ray. She knows that she doesn’t want to lose the trust of Jake or Ray. On one of the last few days at the park, Ray sees Alice talking...
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