Living at Home Versus Living in an Apartment

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Living At Home Versus Living In An Apartment

Amber Smith
South University Online

People do not realize how different living at home and living in an apartment is until they compare the two. Other people don’t realize it until they are actually out on their own. There are many differences when a person is living at home compared to living in an apartment. In this essay we will look at the differences of the two.

One difference between living at home and living in an apartment is how the bills get paid. When living at home parents or whoever the person lives with pays all the bills and buys all the food. Even if the person has to pay for anything while living at home, I’m sure it is just a small portion of what all the bills come out to be. When living in an apartment the person has to pay their own bills and buy your own food. This means that they have to find somewhere that is affordable for them. Some apartments have bills like electricity, water, and sewer/garbage included in the rent. If the person needs help buying food they have a program out there that they can sign up for food stamps at the local social services office. They also have places that have food pantries that gives people a food basket. Some towns also have a place for people to go and eat like the Salvation Army or a church. This is one major difference of living at home versus living in an apartment.

Another difference between living at home and living in an apartment is making sure the person has everything they need. When living at home with the person’s parents or whoever they live with, they already have or have bought all the necessities that they will need for a place like furniture, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, stuff for hygiene, etc. When a person is living in an apartment they have to buy everything that they are going to need for the apartment. That means that the person has to go out and buy their own furniture and everything else that they want for their place....
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