Disadvantages of a Roommate

Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: November 27, 2010
There are many reasons to seek a roommate. Does not matter if it has to deal with moving out, moving into a dorm for college, or even renting an apartment. A roomate can share your expenses and contribute to your home's maintenance. However, there are many ways in which having a roommate can be at a disadvantage. For example, privacy, shared space and being unreliable can cause big conflicts.

Firstly, having a roommate will mean that you will sacrifice some privacy. Some activities that may have been enjoyable while living alone can now become akward while sharing space with someone else. Eventually, you may come to find that your roommate's or even your own relationships may require more discretion than you'd like, in order to precent making anyone feel uncomfortable.Also, to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, theres a chance that one may have to dress before leavin the room to avoid any unexpected encounters.

Secondly, the shared space and resources can also be a disadvantage. Both people will bring useful things into the home. One may own a television and stereo system while the other had dishes and cookware. Most likely both will be buying food and other items for the space that fits their individual tastes. One may not be respectful using the others belongings. Moreover, if theres food that one may have hid the other might eat it witout asking. Shared resources like tha bathroom and kitchen may be a bit hectic at times if there isn't an established time schedule that allows both roomates to use them as needed.

Last but not least, one roommate may tend to be unrealiable. For example, a roommate may move out before the lease ends, neglecting to pay his or her share of bills after leaving, and thats where theres a possibility of financial trouble. Moreover, if one leaves an hour after the other, he or she might forget to lock the door and all the items in the shared space can be stolen. Another disadvantage relating to being...
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