Living At Home After College

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Living At Home After College

High school students are excited and thrilled to finally be away from home when they go away to college,. After college though, some students decide to go back and live with their parents. Some people do agree with this decision. However, most would say that it is not right to move back in with the parents after going to college for four years. There are positives and negatives for both situations but the positives for not moving back in after college out weigh the negatives.

The main reason most graduated college students move back in with their parents is to save more money. While this is a great benefit, it restricts a person from learning how to make and save money on his or her own. Going through college is supposed to teach a person to become independent. Living back at home immediately after, is a complete set back. The independence that was learned throughout college is thrown out as soon one moves back in. Although one may believe that one can maintain one’s complete independence, one is very unlikely. When living at home one is relying on one’s parents to support one with a place to live, and food to eat. When providing both of these features it limits the factors that are needed in order to remain independent.

While at home, one’s relationship with one’s parents may increase severely. Although, the relationship between one and one’s parents can increase even if one is not living with the parents. If one lives close by to one’s parents one can still maintain a good relationship with them. In order to continue having a decent relationship, a person will just have to have more family events together. It is still very possible to stay on good terms with the parents, even if one is not living at home.

Most people do not live with their mother and father after college because of the lack of freedom and privacy. Parents and family members have a knack of always wanting to know where everyone is and what they are...
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