Living Apart Together

Topics: Marriage, Interpersonal relationship, Love Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: May 9, 2013
We live in a modern society where we need modern relationships and romance. “Living apart together” or L.A.T is the term used to describe the modern relationship, where two people are in a relationship but live separately. The article “Just what modern romance needs” describes how the trend emerged, and in “Home alone together” we are presented with an example of a L.A.T relationship which is well functioning. Several questions come to mind when treating this subject: Is this romance? Why are couples unable to live together as they used to? Are we getting too modern, and could this be the death of romance? These are questions I will be treating in this essay.

In the modern society it is very easy to get a divorce, and the question is if it is too easy. 50% of all married couples get a divorce. Are we not willing to fight for love anymore, or are we just looking at love in a new way?

The article “Just what modern romance needs” from the Yahoo voices tells of this new term describing a modern relationship. According to the Italian sociologist Giuseppe Gesano, a Dutch journalist called Michel Berkiel used the term “L.A.T” the first time. This expression has now become a frequently used term in our everyday language and the concept is used by 50% of European couples.

Is it healthy to have a relationship were you live apart? The article “Home alone together” from the New York Times, tells of a couple that is in a L.A.T relationship. This particular couple has been together for 3 years and they find that it is working very well.

Maureen Toohey is a twice divorced, 39-year-old hairstylist from Mahopac in New York. She says: "My last husband would lie around like Al Bundy and expect me to be waiting on him all the time". "My boyfriend helps with the dishes and he's grateful for what I do. When we see each other, he takes me out to dinner and doesn't expect me to cook every night or do his laundry. And when I do cook, he appreciates it." Her boyfriend has...
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