Liveable Cities

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Urban Transportation:
Towards A Liveable City
Cities as we know them today are already dramatically changing. Our living environments are reshaping the way we live. Malaysia is planning for long-term sustainability, encouraging us to think about how we can shape it and new ideas that can transform our future. The importance of ecosystem has resulted in the concept of Livable City that becomes a popular concept which is widely used in most city center of established country but in Malaysia it is still considered a new concept. It is obvious that the concept has contributed a great deal to the urban environment. This research will discuss the contribution of urban transportation bringing forwards our country to become a livable city by taking Penang as its case study. Achieving livable city concept is important as it subsequently enhance city with benefits that sustainable lifestyle can provide in terms of environmental, economic and social. Therefore this initiative will be further enhanced on policy commitment by the Penang State Government to make Penang a Cleaner, Greener and Healthier city. What has constantly guided our approach to sustainable development is far-sighted, holistic, and comprehensive planning, which enables us to take into account future development needs through an integrated planning process.

The twenty-first century finds civilization heavily based in cities that have grown into metropolitan areas. Many of these focal points of human activity face problems of economic inefficiency, environmental deterioration, and an unsatisfactory quality of life--problems that go far in determining whether a city is "livable." A large share of these problems stems from the inefficiencies and other impacts of urban transportation systems.

The era of projects aimed at maximizing vehicular travel is being replaced by the broader goal of achieving livable cities: economically efficient, socially sound, and environmentally friendly. This explores the complex relationship between transportation and the character of cities and metropolitan regions. Transportation for Livable Cities dispels the myths and emotional advocacies for or against freeways, rail transit, bicycles, and other modes of transportation. The consequences of excessive automobile dependence and shows that the most livable cities worldwide have intermodal systems that balance highway and public transit modes while providing for pedestrians, bicyclists, and para transit. The policies necessary for achieving livable cities: the effective implementation of integrated intermodal transportation systems. Traffic impact mitigation measures can be divided into two categories: those related to land use and those related to transportation. Two case studies in Bangkok, Thailand showed that measures related to land use were effective in reducing congestion in the area surrounding a development, while traffic-related measures were useful in alleviating site-specific impacts. In the centre of Bangkok, the ineffective implementation of measures related to land was considered one of the major causes of traffic congestion. It is recommended that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration should develop more explicit policy tools for mitigating the traffic impact of new developments.

A liveable city is cities that provide a good quality of life for its citizens. * Develop in an environmentally responsible manner
* Sustain a robust a vibrant economy

Penang is a state in northern part of peninsular Malaysia. Penang is the second smallest state in Malaysia and consists of Penang Island and Seberang Perai on the mainland. Penang Island consists of about 1048 km2, with an estimated population of around 1520 thousand, while Seberang Perai occupies an area of about 738 sq km, with a population of 670 thousand. The major urban centers on the island are Georgetown, which is the...
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