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Topics: Asia, Middle East, Animal welfare Pages: 1 (443 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Each year millions of helpless animals are exported to many different places in the globe to be ready for slaughter. Sheep, goats and cattle are exported live to parts of the Middle east and South East Asia. These countries have little or no animal welfare laws and therefore the animals are treated and killed inhumanely. Many animals die on route. Most animals that are slaughtered overseas have their throat cut while still fully conscious which means they die a very painful death. Australia is the largest exporter for sheep and cattle. Each year we export 4.2 million live sheep and cattle. The issue is whether or not we should continue with the live export of animals, more specifically cattle to Indonesia and sheep to the Middle East, considering the suffering they endure on route and when they reach their destination. Also taking into consideration the economic value of this export to our farmers and economy in general. The “ad” contends that Julia Gillard and consequently her government and the Australian public of now will one day regret the continuation of the live export of animals because of the inhumane way in which they die (on route or in slaughter houses) It shows a photoshopped version of Julia Gillard as she may look years in the future ( and the old person’s glasses she will be wearing) The image makes you look twice and draws your attention to the text for an explanation The image of Julia Gillard is a bit grey to emphasize the point of her being old and the background is black to highlight that she is the main focus. The writing is in yellow so you can easily find an explanation for the picture The bold text says we should stop the exports now and that it would be a positive forward thinking action. The smaller text suggests what Julia Gillard might be thinking in the future if she doesn’t stop the exports and states how many sheep and cattle will die inhumanely between now and then It is persuasive by appealing to our fear of and theme of...
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