Little Red Riding Hood Isn't so Nice After All

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  • Published : April 26, 2011
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Not So Nice After All
In the story of “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf”, Roald Dahl interprets the little girl as a gun-wielding murderer. While in most of the other interpretations of this story we’ve read this semester, she seemingly is just a young and naive little girl. When she walks into grandmothers house she has no idea that her grandmother has already been eaten, and soon enough finds out that the wolf has scheduled her to be next on his list. The pistol that Little Red Riding hood secretly wields ends up telling him otherwise. For this reason it can be argued that Little Red Riding Hood is the antagonist of this story, not the wolf. There are several facts that support this statement, and they are described as follows. The primary reason for a red flag is the fact that Little Red Riding Hood was in possession of a firearm in the first place. What was a little girl doing with a gun? Granted, this is a fairy tale world where wolves are capable of impersonating humans, (not to mention having a full grasp of the English language), but still the question remains – what did she think she needed a gun for? The reader is left with no way of knowing whether or not Little Red Riding Hood knew beforehand that the wolf had devoured McGary 2

granny. It is possible that she brought the gun specifically to use on the wolf because she anticipated the prospect of having to kill it. It is somewhat more likely, however, that Little Red Riding Hood had no idea that the wolf had eaten granny, and just improvised her actions on the spot. This scenario suggests that she just happened to have a gun, and why would that be? It is possible that she carries a gun for protection, or perhaps she is a law enforcer of some sort – but neither of these cases justify the fact that a little girl was wielding a deadly weapon. The obvious second reason for Little Red Riding Hood being the real antagonist of this play is the manner in which she mercilessly slaughtered the...
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