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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Suicide Makes Morality (rought draft)
In the novel Little Bee, by Chris Cleave, the author writes about a refugee girl and a couple of English citizens who face many struggles as they move on with their lives.Suicide is a big factor on how the character’s separate lives work out. The different reasons for committing or wanted commit suicide could be seen as immoral from the readers’ perspective. The character Little Bee constantly thinks about ways to kill herself when enters new environments and her refugee companion hangs herself while being mentally ill. Andrew commits suicide while being clinically depressed leaving back Charlie father less. Although suicide is widely seen as immoral, suicide can be justified as understandable after acknowledging factors like depression, rationality, and traumatic events however it will affect family.

The idea and act of suicide in Little Bee comes from depression or psychological disorders. There are two separate suicides in Little Bee, in the first one the refugee girl in the barn hangs herself from being psychologically unhealthy and then theres in Andrew’s hanging when he encounters Little Bee. However the major suicide in the novel is Andrew’s death, caused by depression, which ultimately impacts other characters lives. Little Bee says “Some he would shout at himself or hit himself on the head with the side of his fist. He cried alot. Sometimes he would fall to his knees in the garden and weep for an hour.” Andrew was going through a depressed stage in his life , where he in constant pain and unhappy with his past decisions. Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Raison, professor at University of Arizona states, “Severe major depression is the most unbearable pain a human can withstand for any protracted period of time.” Andrew dealt with a great pain within him for 2 years and his way to forget or escape from the pain was to end his life. His guilt for refusing to give up his finger for the girls haunted Andrew way to long ,...
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